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It's been a while since I last wrote in English, my primary language is Javascript so bear with me here.

It's been a roller-coaster of ups and down the last couple months, countless hours of work and hair pulling resulting in lost youth and unbearable disappointments. Refreshing the google analytics page and seeing the user growth curve flatter than the earth seen from space without fish eye lenses.




That being said, I'm still glad we created this website, because people started spreading the word! For the first time in months, our site has good organic traffic! Not sure whos gona read this blog, but I sincerely thank anyone who told others about us.

Sometimes perseverance is the most important strategy in business and hard work is the best cure for sadness. 

I'm kinda glad we turned down quarter of a million dollars now, its the right thing to do. It's better to please users than to please investors. So, Animelon is ours again, no one can tell us shit now!

A couple of people have asked us how tf we gona avoid getting shutdown by the PoPo, dangit, if we knew that we would have just taken the money. But some ideas in mind:

1. somehow beg Animelab or Crunchyroll into an aquisition.

2. turn Animelon into a third party software to be loaded onto any video source and we only source the subtitles and video-player.

3. move to Somalia.

I cannot stand temperate countries so number 3 is out of the question.

Anyway it will take a while until PoPo notices so there is no point worrying, focus on creating a phenomenal product and keeping users happy in the meantime.

"If people are sueing you it means you already made it" -Mark Zuckerberg
"No one sees a cockroach masturbating" -Bill Gates

I pulled those quotes out of my ass just now but you get the point.

So thats what we have to be, a ゴキブリ

Be as stealthy as one and as durable. In the event of a nuclear holocaust we will be the only ones standing.

JY signing Out, peace #420blazeit

By: Jonny Chen 1470714537372