Week 30: From Why to Y

Diego Gaspar Navarro | 1470647268079

Week Unknown: From Y to Why - Mission Report 8/8/2016:

We moved from the LI to the Co Lab from Fire to the Thermite since Jet Fuel can’t melt steel beams. We lost some big members who liked KFC. Re:Zero for us as we return back to our Basement Roots like the cockroaches that we are. After fighting final bosses and unwilling to capitulate literally we decided to turn down the money and live off scraps off the floor. Consulting Rock AI free publicity for Dom about buzinez we decided to go to our new Luxurious Office in Panama called the Basement. Rent virtually free but sadly we lost 2 pets. One decided to choose life the other chose nothingness. At least I no longer need to feed one. I am 100% sure that one of them left because he was physically incapable of walking to the new premises. Or perhaps in case of a fire and we had to resort to the stairway to evacuate he would burn.

Some Mentor helped us with the success and failures over in the Mainland and we are thinking if we could get more users in Remland.
A plan was hatched after walking 10km with this PokeEgg that Content was Level 4 Key to superweapons and thus we obtained the Index of adding more Content. Content with Content we added more anime to further our Great Journey down the Right Direction.

By: Diego Gaspar Navarro 1470647268079